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Dust Control Solutions

The One Stop For All Your Dust Control Needs

C.W. Machine Worx manufacturers a full line of self-contained dust suppression equipment with many different models and multiple options for all your dust control needs. We provide dust control solutions throughout the construction, demolition, scrap, recycling, coal and other industries. Our line of dust suppression equipment is available for rent or sale as a stand-alone or trailer mounted package through our authorized distributors. CW Machine Worx is a subsidiary of Company Wrench, the industry leader in heavy equipment supply & services.

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See Our Full Line of Dust Suppression Equipment

We offer many different models of Dust Suppression machines so you can have the right application at the right budget: Our Dust Fighter series including the Dust Fighter 7500, Dust Fighter 15000, Dust Fighter 20000; our line of Water Trucks, Water Cannon Combos and The HAWC/Dust Destroyer.

The HAWC/Dust Destroyer is our top of the line dust suppression system that can cover a complete 360 degree rotation at maximum throw and 196,000 square feet. Powered by an 80 HP diesel motor or a 575 VAC or 480 VAC 3-phase drive motor. The HAWC/Dust Destroyer can oscillate in a complete circle with the click of its remote control. The range, power, and safety features of the multi patented HAWC/Dust Destroyer make it the leading dust suppression system on the market.

Multiple Options for Every Dust Control Situation

  • HAWC/Dust Destroyer- Total Dust Control Solution
  • Generator for Dust Regulator – Total Dust Control Solution
  • Water Tank for Hydra Package- Total Dust Control Solution
  • Trailer for all equipment – Total Dust Control Solution

Both the Diesel powered Hawc/Dust Destroyers and the Electric powered Dust Demolishers can be outfitted for full mobility. Just Add Water!

The diesel powered HAWC units are self-contained and can be purchased or rented with trailer for full mobility. The Electric powered Dust Demolishers can be outfitted for full mobility with trailer, generator, and water tank (optional Hydra Package). This allows you to connect to a fixed watersource (fire hydrant, pond, etc) or a mobile water source (water truck, mobile water tank, etc) so you can have the perfect dust control solution to take down fugitive dust from any location on your site!

Applications Above and Beyond Dust Suppression

In addition to controlling job site dust, our line of products have additional applications from odor control to crop fertilization to cooling ambient temperatures of sports practice fields by up to 20 degrees as well as mimicking various rain and wind conditions.

Sale or Rent by the Day, Week, Month or Rental Purchase Options

We offer multiple options for sale or rent on all our Dust Suppression machines so you can get the most out of our dust solution systems. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an on-site demonstration, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-844-CW WORX 1 (299-6791).


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Heavy Equipment Customization Services

Custom-Built Machines and Hybrids

C.W. Machine Worx provides heavy equipment customization services for the construction, demolition, and recycling industries. Since its inception in 2008, it has focused on helping customers save time, money, and resources with patented designs and innovative equipment customizations. With an experienced Engineering Department, the latest CAD software, and a 15,000 square foot fabrication shop, there are few limitations in their ability to produce your next project. From hybrid excavator set-ups, to electronic configurations, CW Machine Worx maintains the highest level of quality while providing customized solutions.

Patented Hybrid Designs

Several Patents have been awarded to C.W. Machine Worx for original designs such as the 2nd Member Hammer Bracket and CP100 Magnet Combo. These machine alterations provide customers with huge savings without sacrificing power and speed. The Second Member Hammer Bracket allows a 16,000 FT/LB hydraulic breaker to be attached to the boom of a much smaller excavator, saving on fuel, freight, and rental costs. The CP100 Magnet Combo saves time and money by allowing one machine and one operator to process concrete and sort rebar with a magnet attached to the lower section of the Labounty CP100 concrete processor.

High Reach/Long Reach Customized Machines

Over the years, C.W. Machine Worx has perfected the transformation of factory excavator booms and sticks into high reach and long reach fronts. Recently in 2014, C.W. Machine Worx teamed up with the European demolition front pioneers, Kocurek, to offer the newest high reach and long reach technology at record breaking pace. The machines come loaded with modern advancements such as modular joints, hydraulically powered pins, elevated cab risers, and transport and storage cradles.

Generator Systems and Material Handler Customizations

From the tip of the stick to the tip of your fingers, C.W. Machine Worx engineers the power and electronics that help your operators get the job done. Magnet controller installation, generator system design, control stick configuration, and raised-cab conversions are just some types of engineering services offered on a regular basis. Whether operating in a recycling yard or inland port terminal, full customizations are offered for material handlers and attachments.

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