We Have Your Composting Facility Dust and Odor Control Solution

Does your compost facility have overheating issues? Do you have excessive odor coming from your turned rows or piles? Has your grinding and processing equipment created fugitive dust?

If you have any of these issues, fugitive dust is present and could cause issues for your associates, drivers loading on your site, or local businesses or residences. You need portable, reliable, and effective dust control systems for your location. Fugitive dust can cause discomfort and breathing issues in employees and cause excessive clogging of air filters on processing equipment.

Reducing particulate matter and fugitive dust with a misting cannon can help avoid these problems and also aids in dust relief and future dust prevention. We make it easy to purchase or rent the perfect misting cannon for your composting facility.

If your compost rows or piles need odor control, one of our misting cannons, partnered with a dosing pump, can inject odorizing liquid into the water stream and allow you to effectively dispel odor from your site.

CW Machine Worx offers multiple dust suppression equipment options that make it easy to control hotspot flare-ups and/or fugitive dust on your site. Our electric Dust Demolisher can be pedestal mounted, wired and plumbed directly, or it can be mounted on a trailer. This total dust suppression solution covers a throw range of up to 200 feet and offers remote control oscillation from 30 to 330 degrees (115,000 sq ft).

For smaller processing or grinding areas, take a look at our Dust Regulator. Diesel powered and with a total coverage of 31,500 square feet, this machine is the ultimate misting cannon and can be connected through a simple garden hose.

Don’t let your compost rows smolder or your plies create an odor issue for your associates, local businesses or residences. Rent one of our misting cannons today to keep fine molecules of processing dust from leaving your site and keep your rows and piles from potentially flaring up. Our misting cannons can minimize your odor issues to do your part toward environmental dust control.