Hybridization Equipment for Special Demolition Projects

CW Machine Worx has the capabilities to complement your specific needs with some of our hybrid attachment packages. With the right size attachment and smaller machine you get more work done while using less fuel, which means more money saved. We can also custom fit booms and sticks to fit many different machines.

Our patented CP100-Mag Combo can go to work doing double duty for you in a demolition application. It allows the operator to crush concrete with rebar, allow removal of the rebar giving the customer the flexibility to then sweep the rebar with the magnet base and load it in a container for recycling. This gives you two recyclable materials while offering significant savings by using only one machine, one attachment, and one operator.

Our 2nd Member Hammer bracket allows for utilization of a smaller excavator to be utilized in a demolition operation where there may not be much room. More importantly it saves about 60% on shipping costs of a much larger excavator as well as additional fuel savings by using a smaller excavator to accomplish the demolition task.

Add Height to Your Reach with the Dual Pin Boom

Along with these items CW Machine Worx has developed a Dual Pin Boom feature for most excavators. This feature allows the machine to possibly gain 6-8 foot more of height with the proper placement of the dual Pin.

We can modify your material handlers to accept shear packages such that they will be better utilized in your scrap/recycling facility. No longer do you have to have a dedicated machine for grapples, magnets and shear applications.