2nd Member Hammer Bracket

Benefits of the Patented 2nd Member Hammer Bracket

CW Machine Worx focuses on ways to help make our demolition contracting clients more efficient and profitable. Using hybrid machines is one way demolition companies can cut operating costs on the job site. The 2nd Member Hammer Bracket gives the ability to save by using a smaller carrier, but still provides the big power your job requires. The Indecco HP16000 Hydraulic Hammer is a force to be reckoned with but can be costly to use in a project because of its minimum required carrier weight class of 100,000 lb – 260,000 lb (such as a PC650, PC800, or SK850). A fully assembled machine can take up to 5 trucks for transportation.

Thanks to CW Machine Worx’s patented 2nd Member Hammer Bracket designed by our expert engineers, an Indecco HP16000 (or other similar sized hydraulic hammer) can be mounted 2nd member on a smaller weight class machine, such as an SK500 or PC490. This cuts down not only on fuel consumption, but also can save on freight costs. Instead of needing 4-5 trucks to transport the excavator, boom, stick, counterweight, and hammer to your job site, the 2nd Member Hammer Bracket can be shipped using only two trucks. Just look at the difference!



Save on Costs with the 2nd Member Hammer

Save on your next Demo Job by renting the
2nd Member Hammer Bracket Hybrid Machine

2nd Member Hammer Bracket Hybrid Machines armed with the Indecco HP16000 hydraulic hammers are available for rent through Company Wrench. See the difference by renting a fully equipped hybrid which includes the patented bracket, Indecco Hp16000 hammer, and Kobelco SK500 carrier as a weekly or monthly rental. We know you’ll love it, which is why CW Machine Worx offers heavy equipment customization to set you up with your own 2nd Member Hammer Bracket today. Call CW Machine Worx!


 Fuel Cost Savings

Kobelco SK850 Fuel Cost
Total Cost for SK850 Class Machine
Kobelco SK500 Fuel Cost
Save 26% in Fuel!

 Carrier Rental Cost Savings

Kobelco SK850 Rental Cost
Total Cost for SK850 Class Machine
Kobelco SK500 Rental Cost
Save 50% on Carrier Rental!

 Transportation Cost Savings

Kobelco SK850 Freight Cost
Total Cost for SK850 Class Machine
Kobelco SK500 Freight Cost
Save 74% on Freight!