We Have Your Mining Site Dust Control Solution

Does your mining site have fugitive dust that clogs filters on trucks, wheel loaders, and other equipment? Is excess particulate matter presenting a danger to your employees and other on-site staff? Is your site lacking a dust control management plan or proper dust suppression equipment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a dust suppression solution from CW Machine Worx. Dust control misters will increase safety of associates, on-site wheel loader and truck drivers, and others visiting your mine site. Dust suppression equipment needs to be portable and reliable.

Reducing particulate matter and fugitive dust with a misting cannon is something local businesses and residences near your job site will be grateful for. That’s why we rent and sell mobile dust suppression equipment for mining sites. By using a powerful misting cannon, you can keep your associates out of harm’s way and your equipment better maintained.

We offer many dust suppression equipment options for reducing silica dust and fugitive dust at your mining site. Our diesel-powered HAWC Dust Destroyer is a powerful water cannon effective at reducing particulate matter and fugitive dust. This total dust suppression solution offers remote control oscillation up to 360 degrees and covers a throw range of up to 300+ feet (196,000 sq. ft. coverage).

You should also check out our Dust Demolisher. Electric powered, mounted on a trailer with a generator set, and with a total coverage of up to 115,700 square feet, this machine is the best misting cannon for smaller coverage areas.

Mining site managers can easily understand the importance of proper dust suppression with a total dust control system. Our water cannons can cover any size site, making them the perfect solution for controlling silica dust and fugitive dust. Give your associates, local businesses, and residences a worry-free environment. Rent one or more of our dust suppression products today to keep everyone safe and do your part toward environmental dust control.