Custom Equipment & Conversion Services

CW Machine Worx Custom Conversion Services

CW Machine Worx, the manufacturing arm of Company Wrench, has been offering heavy equipment customization and machine hybridization since 2008. Our customized equipment options mean you can finish the job efficiently while saving time and money.

In 2014, we teamed up with demolition experts Kocurek to bring you even more options for specialty equipment customization. We offer Kocurek booms, Kocurek sticks, and Kocurek demolition fronts to increase your efficiency and save you time and money.


Creating Your Custom Booms and Sticks Fit for the Job

CW Machine Worx can certainly modify or manufacture a custom boom or stick for your excavator with proper engineering and lead-time you can transform your machine to perform multiple functions. These sticks, stick extensions and booms are perfect for use in demolition, dredging, tunneling and environmental arenas. Choose Machine Worx when your project calls for extra strength and length.

Our current inventory of booms and sticks are as follows (click to view specs and range diagrams):


Excavator Cab Modifications

CW Machine Worx regularly performs modifications to excavator cabs, optimizing operator comfort, vision, and security for specialized applications.

Popular cab modifications include:

  • Cab Guard installations
  • Cab Riser modifications
  • Tilt Cab conversions
  • Control Stick modification


Modified Counterweight Systems

Some customized machines will need modified counterweights to balance additional weight on the front load of the machine, such as high reach and long reach machines. CW Machine Worx engineering team determines new lift capacities and designs counterweight modification solutions that balance out the additional load while providing structural modifications to the factory counter weight

The patented 2nd Member Hammer Bracket is a real money saver!

CM Machine Worx strives to find ways to help demolition contractors be more efficient. In an effort to save money on the job site, their engineering staff design and produce hybrid machines to cut operating expenses without sacrificing power. The 2nd Member Hammer Bracket allows an Indecco HP16000 sized hammer to mount 2nd member to a smaller class excavator, such as a PC490 or SK500.

The patented CP100 Magnet combo simplifies your concrete recycling!

CM Machine Worx designed the CP100 Magnet combo so that concrete operations can become more efficient. The patented design combines the LaBounty CP100 concrete pulverizer with a high powered magnet below the jaw to separate rebar from crushed concrete. This eliminates the need for a second machine and operator to separate the material after the CP100 crushes the concrete, saving both time and money!