CW Machine Worx Has Your Forestry Site Solution

Fires can get out of control quickly and destroy homes, belongings, and more. Are you in a fire-prone area? Do you have the right equipment and chemical solutions to assist in controlling fire and smoke? Do local Fire Departments or Disaster Relief Agencies need additional equipment to help protect large areas?

If you thought “we certainly could use some help” after reading the above, one of our HAWC 300-80-D or HAWC 250-65-D water cannons is the solution you are looking for. Our large, portable, diesel-powered units can spray a water mist over 300 feet and the rotation setting allows them to cover an almost 200,000 square foot area.

Our dosing pumps allow fire retardant chemicals and foams to be added to the mist to assist in coating property to reduce losses. The powerful 30,000+ CFM fans on our misting cannons can also assist in producing a fire break so firefighters can create open areas ahead of the advancing flames.

Misting cannons help reduce the spread of fire and smoke while aiding in fire control, reducing property loss, and keeping firefighters safe. We make it easy to purchase or rent the perfect water cannon for your firefighting location. Use of misting cannons can keep fire hot spots from flaring up and allow fire companies to work different angles while covering a large, hot area with a fine mist.

CW Machine Worx offers multiple dust suppression equipment options that make it easy to control fires. If you are in a fire-prone area or your firefighting team could use more equipment to keep residents and lands safer, you need to rent or purchase one of our machines today. Our water cannons can control fires, minimize losses, and help with firefighter safety and health concerns.