Misting Solutions for Outdoor Entertainment and Sporting Events

Large crowds and hot temperatures can spell disaster for your outdoor event if you aren’t properly prepared. Heat can cause discomfort, dehydration, and distract people from enjoying the festivities. From concerts to weddings to sporting events and more, you need a portable, reliable, and effective cooling system for your guests.

We make it easy to purchase or rent the perfect misting cannon for your entertainment or sporting event. CW Machine Worx offers more than dust suppression. We have multiple options that make it easy to control temperatures before and during your event. Artificial turf soccer and football fields can be difficult to practice and play on when they’re hot. Our water cannons can lower the temperature on these playing fields for the comfort of players and spectators.

Our Dust Demolisher is a misting cannon for any size crowd with a throw range of up to 200 feet and remote control oscillation from 30 to 330 degrees. Add the HYDRA package for a fully self-contained option that is sure to keep guests comfortable, even when your event takes place in remote locations.

For smaller crowds, look at our Dust Regulator. Diesel powered and with a total coverage of 31,500 square feet, this water cannon provides ultimate misting and can be connected through a simple garden hose.

Don’t leave the comfort and fun of your event to chance. Rent a misting cannon today to keep guests cool and happy for any outdoor and entertainment event.