The Dust Regulator DR-100

Dust Regulator DR-100 (Diesel)

The Dust Regulator DR-100 is a diesel-powered, self-contained dust suppression system powered by a 23 HP KDW1003 Kohler engine. It features a gyratory atomizing nozzle misting system that produces droplet sizes of 50-200 microns to effectively pull down airborne particulate matter and fugitive dust. With upto 180 degree rotation capabilities, it can be aimed at moving targets.

The water flow is dispersed from a 12″ outlet while accepting incoming water from a 3/4 utility/garden hose connection. The water delivery rate can be configured to deliver .33-20 gallons/hr water volume with an adjustable range of 40-120 PSI water pressure. An optional wireless transmitter  remote control is available to adjust controls from remote locations.

If you are looking for a complete dust suppression solution to keep dust particulate down in demolition sites, scrap/recycling yards, mining applications, aggregate yards, quarries, local solid waste facilities, dewatering of landfill ponds, odor control, ADC agent applications, composting facilities, forestry applications, irrigation, livestock management, agricultural product storage, construction sites, power generation, pond dewatering, fly ash control, landfill air humidification, river and port product handling and storage, contact CW Machine Worx. If you have a dust issue, rent, rent-to-purchase, or purchase a Dust Regulator and “Just Add Water”!

General Specifications

  • 31,500 sq. ft. coverage
  • 0 – 180 degrees Continuous rotation
  • 180 degrees of powered position adjustment
  • Available remote control
  • Weight – 800 lbs.


  • Base dimensions: 4’ W x 10.5’ L x 4.8’ H

Water Specifications

  • 100+ ft. of water throw
  • 12″ outlet size
  • Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle Misting System
    (50-200 micron droplet size)
  • 3/4 Utility/Garden Hose water input
  • 40-120 PSI water pressure
  • .33-20 gallon water volume

Power Specifications

  • 23 HP KDW1003 Kohler diesel engine