Long Reach Conversion

Your Long Reach Excavator Conversion Experts

Another of CW Machine Worx conversion services is it’s long reach capabilities. Long reach fronts offer a safe option for excavators that want to do some river or creek cleaning, pond / silt cleanup, or excavate hard to reach areas.

CW Machine Worx long reach conversions are engineered and manufactured around any size or brand of excavator. Each boom or stick can be manufactured to your exacting specifications and additional counterweights can provides more stability to your machine. Long Reach front machines are typically utilized in river / creak cleaning, pond and river bank silt reclamation, and below grade demolition market segments.

CW Machine Worx is also the only authorized Kocurek Long Reach dealer in the United States. Completely built to your specifications and shipped from their facility in Ipswich, England to our facility, Kocurek is a world renowned fabricator that compliments CW Machine Worx capabilities to suit your needs.

The manufacture of a quality long reach front will generally consume a 1-3 month time span depending on the specifics of your project.

The process generally involves the following steps:

  1. Engineering prints developed
  2. Cutting the boom and/or stick and counter weight fabrication (if needed)
  3. Plumbing kit installation (as required)
  4. Welding new sections in place
  5. Sanding and painting the boom and/or stick

Let us know if any of the following options may need to be reviewed as part of your High Reach order:

  • Custom booms or sticks that reach from 50 ft to 80ft
  • Full hydraulic plumbing (as required)
  • Counter weight – engineered to carry the load of the engineered long reach and tools
  • Boom cradles for transportation

Custom Booms and Sticks

CW Machine Worx can certainly modify or manufacture a custom boom or stick for your excavator with proper engineering and lead-time you can transform your machine to perform multiple functions.