We Have Your Demolition Site Dust Control Solution

Does your site have abatement needs like asbestos, lead paint, multiple stories, smokestacks, or large areas that will generate significant amounts of dust? Will your site have large billows of dust as your high-reach lowers portions of the building. Do wheel loaders and other equipment move product or merely move about, causing more dust?

If you answered yes, asbestos and silica dust are probably present and could cause issues for your associates, the drivers loading or unloading on your site, and others visiting your demolition site. You need reliable, effective, and portable dust control systems for your location. Residual asbestos and silica dust can clog air filters on your machines and cause health problems, such as breathing difficulties, for your employees.

Reducing particulate matter and fugitive dust with a misting cannon can help avoid these problems. Local businesses and residences near your job site will also be glad for your dust prevention efforts. We make it easy to purchase or rent the perfect water cannon for your demolition site. By using powerful misting cannons, you keep your associates out of harm’s way when debris may be falling from multi-floor building drops.

CW Machine Worx offers multiple dust suppression equipment options that make it easy to control asbestos, silica dust and/or fugitive dust on your demolition site. Our diesel-powered HAWC Dust Destroyer has the power you need. This total dust suppression solution offers remote control oscillation up to 360 degrees and covers a throw range of up to 300+ feet (196,000 sq ft coverage).

For smaller demolition sites like schools and small warehouses, take a look at our Dust Demolisher. Electric powered, mounted on a trailer with a gen set, and with a total coverage of up to 115,700 square feet, this machine is the ultimate misting cannon for smaller coverage areas. For residential demolition areas, look at our Dust Regulator for portability and fine mist to cover tight areas.

Demolition sites create multiple uses for one or more of our water cannons. Between asbestos mitigation and fugitive dust, we have a misting cannon to cover any size site to give your associates, local businesses or residences a worry-free environment. Rent one or more of our dust suppression machines today to keep everyone safe and do your part toward environmental dust control.