The HAWC is Going High Tech!

As with every product update, advancements in technology and specifications bring about improvements that increase the efficiency and operation of the product. As engine exhaust specifications have changed in the U.S. (and other parts of the world) we too have had to examine the next power unit for our HAWC / Dust Destroyer product offering. In the newest update, the HAWC/Dust Destroyer 300-100-D will be sporting the newest engine technology to meet current Tier IV Final emission standards, along with other operational advancements.

HAWC/Dust Destroyer 300-100-D Dust Control unit

Though the HAWC 300-80-D (High-pressure Air Water Cannon / Dust Destroyer) Tier 3 Yanmar diesel engine has been a longstanding standard engine, it is being updated with a new engine that meets Tier IV Final requirements. Our next generation HAWC 300 diesel machine will be powered by a 100 hp Cummins 3.8L Tier 4 diesel engine. This power unit will be de-rated to our exacting specifications to maintain the power needed for the unit to meet the current performance specifications. This diesel engine will require DEF fluid and has a clearly marked tank for fluid refill.

The machine still has all of its original capabilities, but along with the reduced emissions, the new HAWC 300-100-D is going to be much more user / operator friendly. The manual clutch has been replaced by a Logan electric over hydraulic clutch and a Murphy electronic control panel with digital display that allows for central machine control with added features, such as engine diagnostics and electronic maintenance records.

Look for more information to come on the NEW HAWC 300-100-D Cummins Tier 4 unit! CW Machine Worx’s manufacturing team is working toward a release date in the early part of the first quarter 2019.