CP100 Magnet Combo


The CP100 Magnet Combo is a patented design that combines a concrete pulverizing attachment with a magnet in such a way that a single operator can both pulverize concrete and sort rebar with the same attachment. CW Machine Worx modified the LaBounty CP100 Concrete Pulverizer to attach a 1,500 lbs, 230 VDC Ohio Magnet below the lower jaw in order for a single machine to both process concrete and sort the rebar from the concrete material into two separate piles. This saves on manpower, reduces the number of machines needed, and makes the job more efficient–all while significantly decreasing the danger of demolition projects.

Before the CP100 Magnet Combo’s inception, reinforced concrete recycling was normally performed by two separate machines; one to pulverize the concrete with a concrete pulverizing attachment and another to sort the rebar out of the pile with a magnet attachment and generator. Operating two different machines is much more costly than one and requires multiple operators. Many other concrete recycling operations employed general laborers to walk alongside the pulverizing excavators to sort the rebar material by hand, which was dangerous and increased the chance for accidental injury. Thanks to the CP100 Magnet Combo design, operators no longer need to leave the safety of excavator cab and workers no longer need to be put in danger while sorting the rebar by hand.

CW Machine Worx actively seeks feedback from the demolition and scrap recycling industries. The inspiration for the CP100/Mag Combo originated after visiting job sites and hearing existing customers discuss their safety and labor cost issues with their current reinforced concrete recycling process. These customers suggested if we could find a way to streamline the process and improve worksite safety.

The CP100 Magnet Combo is considered a hybrid machine that is offered for sale or rent. The attachment is installed on either a Komatsu PC270LC-8 carrier with PC450 Hybrid stick or a Kobelco SK260LC-9 carrier with a hybrid SK500 stick, allowing the larger attachment to be run on a smaller sized machine to save on fuel and freight costs. As with any other magnetic excavator attachment, the magnet component of the attachment does need a magnet generator installed on the carrier to operate. CW Machine Worx has the ability to convert an acceptable, existing excavator carrier to


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Save onin your concrete recycling budget

Two machine rentals
Rent two machines to process and sort
Machine Rental Savings
Rent the CP100 Mag Combo to process and sort
added labor
Pay multiple operators and/or general laborers
Labor Savings
Pay only one operator
Fuel expenses
Burn fuel in multiple machines
Fuel Savings
Burn fuel in only one machine
Time Wasted
Sort Rebar by hand
Time Wasted
Sort Rebar with two machines
Time Savings
Rent the CP100 Mag Combo to process and sort