Material Handler Conversions

CM Machine Worx is Your Provider of Material Handling Equipment Conversion

Increase your material handler’s reach and strength capabilities by allowing CW Machine Worx to assist with all of your heavy equipment customization needs. Material handlers typically provide a very effective option for moving scrap, wood, or demolition materials with the assistance of different styles of grapples, clamshell buckets, and/or magnets from many of the top manufacturers in the industry. The material handling market segment typically includes scrap/recycling facilities, inland rivers, ports and terminals, railroads and coal and aggregate handling and coal/aggregate processing and storage facilities.

When it comes to converting your limited equipment into an all-encompassing excavating machine, we offer flawless compatibility from our conversion tools to your unit. Our goal is to efficiently set you up with the necessary tools to complete your projects with precision and power. The manufacturing of a quality material handler conversion will generally consume a 2 to 4-month time span depending on the specifics of your project.

The process generally involves the following:

    • Three cab riser modification options: fixed riser/manual tilt, fixed riser/hydraulic tilt, or full hydraulic elevating cab.
    • 10 kW to 30 kW generators for magnet applications.
    • Grapple hydraulics.
    • Cab guard installation.
    • Custom counterweights engineered to carry the load of the long reach and tools.
    • Track widening as needed. (Size appropriate per machine.)