Dust Fighter 20000

Powerful Dust Suppression Machine for Construction and Demolition Waste

The CW Machine Worx DF20000 electric dust suppression unit operates with a 56 kw. generator set to power the 30 HP electric motor that propels a fine water droplet onto your job site from up to 200 feet away. This machine can cover 325 degrees of rotation and an area from 30,000 to 110,000 sq. ft.

The portability and strength of the DF20000 on a 20-foot trailer with a 56 kw. gen-set and option 850 gallon water tank can help solve your daily dust control issues. This machine excels when keeping dust particulate down in any demolition sites, scrap/recycling yards, mining stockpile areas, aggregate yards and quarries, larger solid waste facilities, ADC applications, landfill odor control, composting facilities, irrigation, livestock management, product storage management, construction sites, power plant pond de-watering and air humidification projects.

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical fan – 29.5 HP
  • Water connection – 2″ Cam Lock
  • Nominal pressure – Min 14 Psi – Max 159 Psi
  • Water consumption – 18 gallons/min 145 Psi
  • Water filter
  • Dimensions (LxWxH in) – 76″x27″x86″
  • Electric – Three-phase/480V/60Hz
  • Average water pressure – 87 Psi
  • Coverage – 30,000-110,000 sq ft *no wind
  • Type of water – Potable/Not potable
  • Manual oscillation – 325 degrees
  • Power oscillation – 325 degrees
  • Weight – 1,875 lbs.
  • Water Throw – up to 200 feet
  • Remote control standard
  • 30 HP electric motor
  • 18 GPM @ 145 PSI

Standard Equipment

  • Three – phase/480V/60Hz
  • Pressure gauge
  • 2 x Height adjustable stabilizers
  • Control panel
  • Complete with undercarriage and forklift pockets.
  • Integrated booster pump to control the correct working pressure.

Optional Equipment

  • Automatic oscillation system managed from control
  • panel; the range of work can cover from 0 to 325 degrees.
  • Pump for chemical additives.
  • 36KW-480V generator, or larger
  • 850-1675 gallon water tank (custom designs & sizes on request)
  • Steel skid base
  • Heavy duty trailer

This unit is an extreme condition version of the Dust Fighter machine with an IP67 control panel sealed against any moisture, dust and corrosion. It also contains additional heater element for year-round use in any severe weather conditions.

Multiple Options for Every Dust Control Situation

  • Dust Fighter – Total Dust Control Solution
  • Generator For Dust Fighter – Total Dust Control Solution
  • Water Tank For Dust Fighter – Total Dust Control Solution
  • Trailer For Dust Fighter – Total Dust Control Solution

Dust Control Solutions

Each Dust Fighter model has three additional options that can be added in a number of different configurations. A Dust Fighter can have an added generator, water tank and trailer, for a complete and portable dust solution. Any of these options can be combined in a number of different variations, so you can have the perfect dust control solution for your own fugitive dust problems.


  • Dust Fighter Only
  • DF with generator
  • DF with trailer
  • DF with generator and trailer
  • DF with water tank
  • DF with water tank and trailer
  • DF with water tank, generator, and trailer