Our Expertise

CW Machine Worx: The Engineering, Fabrication and Manufacturing Arm of Company Wrench Ltd.

CW Machine Worx has a fully accredited/licensed professional engineering staff on board, a team of experienced fabricators, as well as multi-certified welders. In its 15,000 square foot fabrication facility CW Machine Worx uses the latest in CAD software to assist in the design and engineering of boom and stick conversions, counterweight assemblies as well as multiple engineered high reach and long reach products to meet customer needs.

The company specializes in conversion services, however it has created many items that it manufactures like the multi-patented diesel HAWC / Dust Destroyer dust suppression product offering. Along with it’s patented CP100 Mag combo, 2nd Member Hammer Bracket and Dual Pin Boom the company has many capabilities to provide specialty items to fit almost any need in the scrap, demolition or construction industries.

From its initial offering of 12 dust machines created from renovated snow blowers, Company Wrench now offers a full line of dust suppression equipment; The Dust Destroyer (Diesel and Electric), The Dust Demolishers (Electric), and Dust Regulators (Diesel), and Dust Mister (Electric).

History of the Dust Destroyer

Manufactured by Company Wrench’s sister company, CW Machine Worx, the Dust Destroyer was unveiled in 2010 as a new product line. Test after test proves the Dust Destroyer out performs all of its competition, and is the very first of its type and size in the market. Fully self-contained, the Dust Destroyer is powered by an 80 hp diesel engine. Value added features include a booster pump, water shut-off and remote control. Its self-contained design, high-powered spray, large coverage area and remote control capabilities make it the perfect dust suppression unit for demolition, construction, coal, & recycling job sites. With multiple patents issued to date, the Dust Destroyer is your dust & evaporation solution. JUST ADD WATER!

The original Dust Destroyer prototype (left) next to the
2019 Dust Destroyer 300 (right)