CW Machine Worx Has Your Agricultural Watering Solution

You’ve planted a large crop and now you need to help it flourish. A fine mist of water promotes growth for vegetables and fruit, especially in difficult crops like strawberries. In no time, you can have succulent goods to sell. If you’re tired of moving stand-up sprinkler heads, you need a better solution, you need a misting cannon. We make it easy to purchase or rent the perfect misting solution for your agricultural area.

CW Machine Worx offers multiple equipment options that make it easy to spray a large area with a fine, atomized mist of water to promote growth. A water cannon can also apply insecticides and fertilizer to a large area through a dosing pump connected to the inlet water supply.

Our electric Dust Demolisher units are typically mounted on a trailer with a diesel-powered generator that allows them to cover up to 115,000 sq ft with a throw range of up to 200 feet and remote control oscillation from 30 to 330 degrees.

For extra-large areas, we have a diesel, self-contained HAWC 300-80-D unit that is trailer mounted with a throw range of 300+ ft to cover almost 200,000 sq ft. Both products allow for a 1,000 ft line-of-site remote control to assist with proper application.

We have the best atomized mist solutions for crop and plant watering applications. Rent a misting cannon today to take the worry and headache out of your growing season.