We Have Your River or Port Site Dust Control Solution

Does your river or port site have product dust issues? When loading product on to ships or barges do you have large plumes of material dust billowing into the air? Do you have the same issue when offloading material? Do your clamshell buckets not close properly, allowing product to sift through and create additional dust issues? Are there marine animals that need additional protection from fugitive dust?

If you answered yes, you are not only losing product but also creating a hazard for your immediate employees, the surrounding businesses, and the river or port area itself. You could also be endangering marine animals, both large and small. You need an effective dust control management plan for your location, with machines that are portable and reliable. Residual product dust can lead to many issues, such as breathing difficulties and clogging of machine parts.

Reducing particulate matter and fugitive dust with a misting cannon can help avoid these problems. Local businesses, port authorities, and residences near your port site will also be glad for your dust suppression efforts. We make it easy to purchase or rent the perfect water cannon for your river or port site. By using powerful misting cannons, you keep your associates and marine animals safe from fugitive dust.

CW Machine Worx offers multiple dust suppression equipment options that make it easy to control most product dust and/or fugitive dust on your river or port site. Our diesel-powered HAWC Dust Destroyer has the power you need. This total dust control solution offers remote control oscillation up to 360 degrees and covers a throw range of up to 300+ feet (196,000 sq. ft. coverage).

For smaller river or port sites, take a look at our Dust Demolisher. Electric powered, mounted on a trailer with a generator set, and with a total coverage of up to 115,700 square feet, this machine is the ultimate misting cannon for smaller coverage areas. For very tight areas between dock sites, look at our Dust Regulator—offering portability and a fine misting coverage.

River and port sites have many uses for one or more of our water cannons. From load out to unloading products, we have a misting cannon to cover any size site. Using the right dust control misters will give your associates, marine animals, local businesses and residences a worry-free environment. Rent or shop dust control systems today to increase safety and do your part toward environmental dust control.