The Dust Destroyer DD-300

Diesel Powered Portable Dust Suppression Machine

The CW Machine Worx Dust Destroyer DD-300 is a multi-patented, diesel-powered, self-contained dust suppression system designed to eliminate particulate matter and dust on your worksite. Our dust suppression equipment has applications in every industry from demolition and construction to forestry and firefighting to entertainment. Wherever and whenever you need dust suppression, the CW Machine Worx Dust Destroyer is on the job.

About the HAWC/Dust Destroyer

The Dust Destroyer is powered by a Cummins 100 HP, Tier 4 engine with a 55-gallon fuel storage tank. It has a 360-degree rotation capability with manual, 10-degree incremental range settings. To allow for maximum launch of very fine water molecules, we also added a hydraulic, 35-degree elevation range on the fan tunnel.

This dust suppression unit comes standard with a manual clutch but can be ordered with a fully automatic, electric over hydraulic powered clutch PTO. It also comes equipped with a central semi-automatic lube system. The Dust Destroyer puts out 37,500 CFM of air with a 42 HP fan. Water throw is up to 300+ ft. due to the 150 PSI booster pump, and this can be increased with assisting wind speeds. Water usage ranges from 25 GPM up to 140 GPM.

Dust Destroyer Options

CW Machine Worx knows you need dust suppression solutions for many reasons and in many different scenarios. That’s why we provide add-on options to suit your every need. The 8.5’ W x 8.9’ L x 7’ H unit can be mounted on a 20-ft. trailer for portability and paired with a water truck to allow dust suppression throughout your worksite.

There are also three line-of-sight remotes available. We have a 300 ft. option, a 1,000 ft. option, and a 2.4 GHz option. There is also the ability to add chemical tanks to assist in odor control for landfill, livestock management, or other industry needs. Ask about our export container package, too!

Why the Dust Destroyer?

If you are looking for a complete dust suppression solution to keep particulate matter or silica dust down, to help with odor control, or for other various applications, then look no further than the Dust Destroyer from CW Machine Worx. This powerhouse machine can help with scrap/recycling yards, mining applications, aggregate yards, quarries, dewatering of landfill ponds, ADC agent applications, river and port product handling and storage, and much more. Explore all the industries we serve!

The diesel-powered Dust Destroyer can help solve your daily dust control issues. If you have a need for dust suppression equipment, rent, rent-to-purchase, or purchase a Dust Destroyer and “Just Add Water!”

General Specifications

  • 37,500 CFM generated by fan
  • 10,100 feet per minute fan outlet air velocity
  • 27,000 sq.ft.-196,000 sq.ft. coverage
  • 0 – 360 degrees Continuous rotation or oscillation from 30 – 60 degrees
  • Powered adjustable angle of throw 0-35 degrees of height adjustment
  • 360 degrees of powered position adjustment
  • Dust suppression machine weight = 5,500 lbs.
  • 23 GPM @ 150 PSI
  • Water Throw up to 300+ feet
  • Available remote control
  • 100 HP Cummins Tier IV diesel engine
  • Weight – 5,900 lbs.
  • Base dimensions: 8.5’ W x 8.9’ L x 7’ H

Water Specifications

  • Throw 20 – 300+ feet
  • Coverage height 0-75 feet
  • 30 brass nozzles on primary water ring
  • 6 brass nozzles on secondary soaking ring
  • Separate ball valve control for each water ring
  • In-line filter included (40 mesh, 420 micron)
  • Quick disconnect water inlet fitting up to 2″ diameter
  • Water boosted by 150 PSI after going through booster pump

Power Specifications

  • 100 HP continuous diesel engine @ 2200 RPM
  • 1/2 HP, 12 volt, direct current oscillator motor
  • 300:1 worm gear reducer on oscillator drive
  • 5.94:1 final gear reduction on oscillator drive
  • 1.0 RPM rotation speed for oscillation
  • 1/3 HP, intermittent duty, 12 volt, direct current throw adjustment motor


  • 8.5 feet wide x 8.9 feet long x 7.0 feet tall

Optional Equipment

  • Trailer
  • Export Container Package
  • Chemical additive for odor control
  • Remote Control: Option 1 = 300 ft., Option 2 = 1000 ft., Option 3 = 2.4 GHz

Noise Level

  • 0 ft = 102 dBA
  • 12 ft = 93 dBA

Primary (30) Nozzle Ring

  • Water Pressure (psi) 40 60 80 100 120 140 150
  • Water Flow (gpm) 12.0 14.6 16.9 18.9 21.0 22.5 23.3

Secondary (6) Nozzle Ring

  • Water Pressure (psi) 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 150
  • Water Flow (gpm) 60, 73, 85, 95, 104, 111, 114

Spec Sheet – Dust Suppression Machines

  • Model Coverage
  • Water Throw @ 18.5 degrees
  • GPM Range
  • Power Requirements
  • Oscillation Range
  • Remote Control
  • Motor Size