The HYDRA Mobile Dust Control Package

They Hydra Dust Suppression package saw its first action this month at a demolition site in Lancaster, Ohio. On the edge of town, the demolition site needed to prevent dust from entering the tight packed neighborhood to the northwest. The HYDRA unit features the Dust Demolisher 200-480V-E dust canon that comes equipped with a 45Kw MQ Whisperwatt Generator, and 1,000 gallon water tank. These components fit perfectly on the included trailer, allowing for complete mobility without being tied down to hydrants or tangled up with fire-hose.

HYDRA Mobile Dust Control Demolition

Operation of Inner Nozzle Ring – 60 min run time

Residents came out of their houses to watch the demolition and commented on how well the machine prevented dust from leaving the site. “That thing really puts up a wall of water. I just washed my car yesterday and I was afraid I’d have to rewash it after they started wrecking, but the dust isn’t reaching our yard at all”, said an onlooker who lived in the nearest house.

The machine operator said that all went according to plan and that he especially enjoyed being able to command the Dust Demolisher from his cab with the remote control, “I wish we would have had this technology years ago”.

The 1,000 gallon tank is able to supply the unit with water for a full hour while using the inner nozzle ring only and about 15 minutes while using both the inner and outer nozzle rings together.

The HYDRA’s complete freedom in mobility can also be beneficial for material retention at power plants and coal handling facilities, as well as remote job sites that lack immediately available water sources, such as highway construction and mining operations.

The HYDRA Package is now available for sales and rentals through Company Wrench. Contact us for more details.