The Mini HAWC – 250-65-D

About the Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer

The CW Machine Worx Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer 250-65-D is a multi-patented, self-contained dust suppression solution powered by a Cummins 65 HP, Tier-4 diesel engine with a 50-gallon fuel storage tank. This machine comes with the capability of rotating 360-degrees with electronically controlled incremental rotation range settings. Also, a hydraulic 35-degree elevation range on the fan tunnel allows for maximum launch of very fine water molecules for ultimate dust suppression.

The Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer unit has an automatic electric over hydraulic clutch PTO. It comes equipped with a central, semi-automatic lube system. The Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer 250-65-D puts out 30,00 CFM of air with the 42 HP fan. Water throw is up to 250+ feet with the assistance of a 150 PSI booster pump and can be increased with existing winds. Water usage ranges from 20 GPM up to 60 GPM. There is a 1,000 ft. line-of-site remote control available. The unit can also be mounted on a 20-ft. trailer for portability and we offer the addition of chemical tanks to assist in odor control, chemical applications, or other industry needs.

The flawless portability of the self-contained Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer on a 20-ft. trailer can help solve any of your daily dust control problems. If you have a dust issue, rent, rent-to-purchase, or simply buy a Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer and “Just Add Water!”


Who Needs the Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer

This machine is one of the most versatile units available for your dust suppression needs. The Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer thrives in many situations. Have total dust control at your fingertips in the construction, demolition, scrap and recycling, coal, and mining industries. Rejoice in powerful odor control for the livestock management, composting facility, landfill, and solid waste facilities industries. But that’s not all. The Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer can be used in forestry and firefighting applications. It can dewater landfill ponds or provide irrigation for agricultural applications. The Mini HAWC/Dust Destroyer can do it all!

  • Demolition sites
  • Scrap/recycling yards
  • Mining applications
  • Aggregate yards
  • Local solid waste facilities
  • Dewatering of landfill ponds
  • Odor control
  • ADC agent applications
  • Composting facilities
  • Forestry applications
  • Irrigation
  • Livestock management
  • Agricultural product storage
  • Construction sites
  • Power generation
  • Pond dewatering
  • Fly ash control
  • Landfill air humidification
  • River and port product handling and storage

Technical Specifications

  • 20 GPM @ 150 PSI
  • Water Throw up to 250 ft.
  • Available Remote Control
  • 65HP Cummins Tier 4
  • Weight 6,700 lbs.
  • Base dimensions: 7.5’ W x 8’ L x 7.1’ H