Dust Demolisher Winterizing Heat Tape Option



DuCarroll, OH— While experiencing 5° F temperatures at the headquarters of CW Machine Worx, the Engineering and Fabrication departments has been hard at work this past week developing a winterizing option for the Dust Demolisher DE150 and DE200. To combat cold weather overnight freeze ups in the past, antifreeze was required to be pumped into the machine each night to keep the water inside the pipes and water conduits from freezing. Today, the machines have a more cost-effective and time-saving option to combat low temperatures without needing to use anti-freeze. Three segments of self-regulating, resistance heating tape are installed to the water delivery components to prevent freezing in cold weather. A 12 foot heat tape is wrapped around the filter & inlet pipe up to the water swivel, then a second 24 foot heat tape is attached around the inlet pipe from the water swivel to the pump, finally 50 foot of the heated tape is wrapped around both nozzle rings and back down the water line to the pump, heating virtually every inch of the water conduits throughout the machine. The heat tape is powered by a secondary 110v circuit that ties into the 480V 3-phase electric circuit that is already needed to power the electric dust suppression machine. Utilizing the heating system during overnight or day-time breaks in operation will keep the water delivery path free of ice and prevent freeze-ups in frigid temperatures, allowing your dust suppression plan to be intact all year round.



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