Telescoping High Reach Dust Control

High Reach Dust Control: Now Suppressing Dust on The 10th Floor

High Reach Dust Control

May 17th, 2016

C.W. Machine Worx and Company Wrench have just developed a new weapon that could prove to be the ultimate game changer in the dust control war. A new hybrid machine was designed to give contractors pin-point targeting from operating heights of up to 65 feet in the air. The engineering staff at C.W. Machine Worx has recently customized a Genie S-65 boom lift to house a Dust Fighter 15000 dust control cannon at the aerial work platform connection point. At this time, Telescoping High Reach Dust Control units are made-to-order.

High Reach Dust Control

Custom built Dust Fighter 15000 Genie Boom Lift prototype

The four-wheel drive Genie S-65 boom lift uses a four bar linkage jib at the end of the main telescopic boom. The unit has 160° of rotational movement (80° each side of center) side to side. An MQ45 generator was mounted in place of the factory counterweight to provide electrical power to the DF15000. The DF15000 was mounted in place of the man basket at the end of the boom and a transfer water pump was installed on the base carrier to pump water up the boom to a booster pump mounted beneath the DF15000 unit. A 2” CAM LOCK quick coupler at the base of the machine offers a simple and quick way to connect the machine to a water supply (hydrant or water truck).

The cannon is controlled from the ground by remote control to adjust the pan and tilt angle of spray. The 360° turntable rotation and 160° of pan rotation combined with tilt rotation at the platform joint gives the machine extreme aiming capabilities. The DF15000 dust suppression cannon features a 25 HP fan, which depending on wind speed and direction, can achieve throw distances of up to 165 ft. and when fully extended vertically can reach up to 105 ft. height.

High Reach Dust Control

The increased height of the canon provides expansive gains in water throw and water coverage

One of the most obvious applications to benefit from a High Reach Dust Control machine would be multi-level structural demolitions. High reach demolition machines often operate at heights above 8 stories, which can present a greater challenge for operators to target and connect with dust effectively using other systems. The biggest advantage of the Genie S-65 mounted DF15000 is that as upper-story outer walls are knocked down and the high reach’s demolition attachments begin leaning in to work on interior structures, the water cannon can be raised and aimed deeper into the building’s parameter to knock down the dust plumes at the point of origin before the clouds expand and escape the site. Additionally, while other systems require being towed by another machine to different locations as the demolition progresses through the structure, this unit offers its own 4-wheeled powered means of mobility.

C.W. Machine Worx is the manufacturing division of Company Wrench and is located at the Carroll, Ohio headquarters. Visit their website at or contact Hugh Gordon with Company Wrench for more information about the custom Genie DF15000 High Reach Dust Suppression system: (740) 422-6069, .