The Dust Mister – CWX-MCO-110

Dust Mister CWX-MCO-110

The lightweight, ceiling-mounted dust suppression mister is an effective and economical way to control indoor air pollutants. Running off of standard 110V AC voltage, the mister is easy to install or move from location to location. At 10 gallons per hr water volume, this is the most water efficient dust suppression canon in the CW Machine Worx line-up. The water pressure can be changed from 40-120 PSI and the high speed atomizer produce droplets sized between 50-200 microns, allowing the water molecules to effectively attach to particulate matter and weigh down the air pollutants.

Indoor Overhead dust suppression provided by the Dust Mister is a great solution for close quarters and indoor work areas. If you have a dust issue or evaporation need, rent, rent to purchase, or own a Dust Mister CWX-MCO-110!”

Applications of the Dust Mister CWX-MCO-110

The Dust Mister provide indoor dust suppression capabilities at the lowest power consumption. Here are the applications that are best suited for the CWX-MCO-110:

  • Indoor mineral handling facilities
  • Indoor Scrap/recycling areas
  • Close quarter mining applications
  • Aggregate facilities
  • Local solid waste facilities
  • Odor control
  • Composting facilities
  • Indoor Livestock management
  • Agricultural product storage
  • Loading docks
  • Glass fabrication areas
  • Paper Facilities
  • Temperature control or humidification
  • Product handling and storage

Technical Specifications

  • 40-120 PSI water pressure
  • Up to 10 gallons/hr water volume
  • Water Throw up to 10-50 ft.
  • 22″ outlet size
  • Standard 1/2″ hose barb fitting
  • 180 degrees of Powered oscillation
  • 110V AC voltage, 60 HZ frequency, single phase, 5.4 amps, .8 HP, 620 Watt electric motor
  • Fan RPM: 3,420; Disk RPM: 1,710
  • Weight 110 lbs.
  • Base dimensions: 25″ W x 17″ L x 36″ H